All About KBS visuals

We’re bunch of passionate people who love to express ourselves by creating. As a team, we are here to provide filmmaking and photography services for every aspect of your needs.

Crafting something unique and powerful by filmmaking is some form of expression. It will be great pleasure for us to focus on your needs to help you express your ideas visually.

Our website is still under development and we think it’ll always be. So you can easily come up with some design and coding issues, we’re doing our best to enhance your surfing experience. Thank you for your understanding. You know what they say “Films don’t get finished, they just get escaped.”, as our website did.

Great entrance, thanks for your visit! We’d like to welcome one of our early visitors with whistles and flowers. Stay safe and lets begin to scroll.

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Director of Photography Showreel, 2017

Emre Kabaşabanoğlu

dop dp

As a freelance cinematographer, his purpose of creating visuals is, to inspire people by showing them images. Bearing respect and love for cats, observing universe to be mesmerized, playing drums and piano to get lost. Favourite quote from Albert Einstein, “I have no special talents, i’m only passionately curious.”

Contact: emre@kbsvisuals.com

Director of Photography Showreel, 2016

Who Are We?

Philosophy We Strive For

We are KBS visuals. An independent production company that helps to satisfy clients’ needs. We do what we do best, telling your specific story in a unique form.

We’ve worked hard till day 1, never forget to grasp our dreams passionately. We’ve been through lots of difficulties, many challenges that drove us lot further. Now we’re stronger than before, ready to chase our dreams.



Teamwork divides the task, multiplies the success.


We provide independent production and filming support to your company or product for final delivery.

Indie type commercials

Music Videos

Full production team on music video projects, from sketch to finished product we do brainstorming with artists.

Creative Stories

Promotional Films

Whether it's a service providing office or manufacturing plant, our team specifies the unique tonality of the film.

Offices & Factories


Besides your commercial videos, our team is also providing full scale photography support.

Think outside the box

Special Needs

Tell us what you have in your mind, as a team, we do our best to visualize it. Just dream!

Sky is the limit

Photography Portfolio

Static Images

Here you can find some of our photoshootings.

Great stories are waiting to be told, what is yours?

Tell us about your project, ideas or just say hello. Whether you need good quality images or your company is lacking of a brand film, we are here to help. From concept to creation, let us fascinate you.



The Ones We Owe

We are greatful to work with such amazing companies, nothing compares to walk the way with happy clients.