Emre Kabaşabanoğlu, Founder/Cinematographer

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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1988. Since the year 2009, I’ve been occupied many various positions for film and photography industry. As a film production company, named “KBS visuals” that I’ve founded in 2012, we are still shooting commercials for TV & internet, promotional films for corporate businesses. At KBS visuals, I’m taking positions as a producer and a cinematographer. Since 2012 I’m working as a freelance cinematographer for commercials and music videos.

I believe that, it’s highly crucial to consider every project’s special needs while choosing and executing the best suitable expression for storytelling. In parallel with this purpose, my ultimate goal is to narrate my point of view by using composition, lighting and camera as a tool. I’m currently serving for this will with great enthusiasm and passion to my profession. Besides that, cats, physics & space, coffee are in my circle of interest.


Director of Photography Showreel, 2017

Director of Photography Showreel, 2016

All About KBS visuals

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Philosophy We Strive For

We are KBS visuals. An independent production company that helps to satisfy clients’ needs. We do what we do best, telling your specific story in a unique form.

We’ve worked hard till day 1, never forget to grasp our dreams passionately. We’ve been through lots of difficulties, many challenges that drove us lot further. Now we’re stronger than before, ready to chase our dreams.

We’re bunch of passionate people who love to express ourselves by creating. As a team, we are here to provide filmmaking and photography services for every aspect of your needs.


Great stories are waiting to be told, what is yours?

Tell us about your project, ideas or just say hello. Whether you need good quality images or your company is lacking of a brand film, we are here to help. From concept to creation, let us fascinate you.


The Ones We Owe

We are greatful to work with such amazing companies, nothing compares to walk the way with happy clients.